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CONTENTS № 4 - 2012

Theory and methodology

  • Dyakonov K.N., Bochkarev Yu.N., Reteyum A.Yu. Geophysical and astrophysical factors governing biological productivity of landscapes at the northern and the upper forest lines

Relations between annual radial tree increment and a number of astrophysical (distance between the solar centre and the baric centre of the Solar system, Wolf numbers) and geophysical (AA geomagnetic index, air temperature) were analyzed for the typical geosystems of the northern West-Siberian Plain and the Elbrus region. Regression models (step-by-step regression) include the generalized chronologies for test sites as dependent variables and the above-mentioned astrophysical and geophysical factors as independent ones. Due regard of Sun position against the whole mass of the Solar system increases the correlation between the increment and geophysical and astrophysical factors (the most obvious for the Elbrus region). The presence of permafrost and the growing depth of organogenic (peat) layer in West Siberia decreases the importance of astrophysical signals.

  • Kislov A.V., Morozova P.A. Stochastic analysis of mountain glacier dynamics
The article demonstrates principal possibility of applying the theory of the Brownian motion for the investigation of glacier dynamics. The inter-annual changes of mass budget (represented by the variation of the snow line position) act as a stochastic forcing and govern the long-term fluctuations of the glacier length. A mathematical model correlating these variables is a so-called “minimum model” of a glacier. The Aletschgletscher (an Alpine glacier) was chosen as an object of investigation.

Geography and ecology

  • Kasimov N.S., Kosheleva N.E., Vlasov D.V., Terskaya E.V. Geochemistry of snow cover within the Eastern district of Moscow

The intensity of technogenic transformation of principal physical and chemical properties of melted snow water and solid fraction of snow was evaluated for the Eastern district of Moscow. Technogenic specialization of snow dust, environment-hazardous pollutants and their deposition values were identified within particular functional zones of the territory under study. Maps of technogenic geochemical anomalies of heavy metals and metalloids in the snow cover were compiled for the territory of the district. A comparative assessment of snow pollution for two recent decades was performed.

  • Revokatova A.P., Surkova G.V., Kirsanov A.A., Rivin G.S. Forecast of the atmosphere pollution in the Moscow region using the COSMO-ART model
A chemical-transportation model employed at the Hydrometeorological Centre of the RF was evaluated for its possibility to reproduce fields of pollutants concentrations in the atmosphere. Preliminary results of numerical experiments show good correlation of model data with observation results and the dependence of admixture dissemination from the meteorological conditions.

Methods of geographical research

  • Yermokhina K.A., Myalo E.G. Phytoindication of wind erosion in Central Yamal Peninsula
Classification of vegetation was carried out using the Braun-Blanquet method. The described vegetation syntaxa indicate surface deposits and activity of wind erosion. On the basis of the revealed serial and ecological continuity of the syntaxa an eco-dynamic series of vegetation was produced for the area under study. Spatial combination of its elements forms a specific structure of vegetation cover which is characteristic of deflated sand deposits. Interpretation of space imagery was accomplished using the comparison of NDVI values and the structure of communities. The elaborated phytoindication scheme and the vegetation map based on the NDVI values were used to create a phytoindication GIS for the monitoring of wind erosion in Central Yamal Peninsula.

  • Tarkhova L.A. Geophysical and environmental characteristics of forest geosystems within the forest-steppe zone of the Saratov oblast. 

Basic indicators of forest phytocenoses and their landscape dependence are described for the territory of the Kumysnaya Polana Natural Park located on the Lysogorsky Plateau near the town of Saratov. The park is of particular environmental and recreational importance for the city.

  • Yeremeeva A. P. Multiscale factors of landscape differentiation within the Burtinskaya steppe (the Orenburg region)
The article deals with the study of hierarchical organization of steppe landscapes. Multidimensional scaling was used to reveal principal factors of differentiation of landscape components, while the correlation analysis allows the description of their interrelations. Regression equations made it possible to assess how each factor depends from the morphometric parameters of the relief calculated for the areas of different size. Areas important for differentiation of several interrelated landscape components were revealed as a basis for finding out the hierarchical levels of the general geosystem organization. The study resulted in identifying two principal hierarchical levels of geosystem organization. Each level is characterized with particular leading factor of landscape differentiation.

Regional studies

  • Karpukhina N.V. Geomorphology of the coasts of the Peipsi-Pihkva Lake

The paper presents the results of field studies of the Peipsi-Pihkva Lake coast. Factors and conditions influencing the coast formation are discussed. The role of eutrophication in vegetation development within the offshore zone and its impact on the coastal dynamics were revealed. The influence of recent tectonic movements within the lake depression on the southward shift of the coastal zone was evaluated. Morphological and morphometric parameters of the reference sites of the coastal zone were described and a morphogenetic map of the lake coast types was compiled.

  • Romanenko F.A., Repkina T.Yu., Efimova L.E., Bulochnikova A.S. Ice cover dynamics on the tidal-flats of the White Sea coast

The results of the long-term investigations of ice cover on the tidal-flats in the area of the White Sea Biological Station of the Moscow State University are analyzed. It was found out that both ice cover nature and the morphology of ice forms are governed by the relief of the coastal zone and the weather condition of particular year. During cold winters the variety of ice forms is much less than during warm ones. Principal elements of the fast ice on tidal-flats are the “ice tents”, i.e. isometric conglomerations of large pieces of ice above and around big boulders. The mechanism of their formation was revealed and studied in detail.

  • To the 80th birthday of Sergei Pavlovich Gorshkov.
  • To the 75th birthday of Vladislav Nikolayevich Korotaev
  • To the 70th birthday of Konstantin Mikhailovich Berkovich


  • At the dissertation councils of the MSU Faculty of Geography in 2011
  • Khorochev A.V. All-Russian Scientific and Practical Conference on “Landscape Planning”

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