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3-4-5  июня 2020 года состоится 8-ая Генеральная Ассамблея Глобального почвенного партнертства (Global Soil Partnership).
Из-за пандемии коронавируса COVID-2019 она пройдет в дистанционном формате.
Ниже - инструкция для подключения к ZOOM-конференции

How to join the meeting?

·         The opening of the meeting will commence at 12.00 CEST. This application can help you to find out the local time in your country. You are invited to join the meeting a few minutes before and test your audio settings. 

·         The simplest way to join the zoom meeting is by clicking here: https://fao.zoom.us/j/96221125747.

o   Meeting ID: 962 2112 5747

o   Password: 730561

è In case Zoom is not available in your country, you can search for your local number here and dial it accordingly to your location. You may then join by SIP 96221125747@zoomcrc.com or by Skype for Business https://fao.zoom.us/skype/96221125747

  • The meeting is hosted on the Zoom platform. If you cannot download this platform onto your device, you can open its web version by choosing “start from your browser” that appears when you click on the link provided. For any doubt or clarification, you may refer to the zoom guidelines.
  • Kindly note that one hour before the meeting starts, you will receive a handy reminder email with the credentials to the meeting

Identification of participants

In order for the plenary assembly to run smoothly and address all items in a timely manner (including related decisions), participants must be clearly identified. Therefore, in addition to your name, you are kindly requested to carefully follow these procedures:

·         The Secretariat kindly reminds FAO’s members to inform of the participation of their delegations in this Plenary Assembly and to nominate the person who will take the floor on behalf of the member nation (please make sure that your name below the image box accurately indicates YOUR COUNTRY NAME followed by YOUR NAME).

·         If you are a GSP partner, please make sure that your name below the image box indicates YOUR NAME followed by YOUR INSTITUTION/ORGANIZATION.

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